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  • Are Wild Vibes Treats For Cats and Dogs?
    Yes! Both cats and dogs can enjoy our selection of treats. There’s an expression we heard recently that sums up what we’ve found with our treats: Cats are critics while dogs tend to be easy to please ;) We find that rehydrating the treats and using them as a food topper is a great way to add nutrition and excitement to a cats daily life.
  • How Do I Rehydrate the Treats?
    It couldn’t be any easier! Simply place the desired amount of food topper in a bowl and add cold water. Let it soak until the water is absorbed and your pet’s tasty raw treat is rehydrated.
  • What is the White Stuff?
    The white coating and chunks you see in the bag and on the treats is freeze dried bone broth. Loved by dogs and cats its a great meal topper and tasty treat for your pets.
  • How often should I switch flavours (protein source)?
    It’s a good idea to change the protein up every 1-3 weeks. Switching their food up will help keep your pets interested in the high value reward aspect, as it will add variety. It’s best to trust your gut, and theirs, if you notice that some proteins may not agree with your pet.
  • How do I store my bag of treats for maximum freshness?
    It’s best to keep them sealed, and in a cool dry environment.
  • Can Dogs Surf?
    You tell us!!!
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